Brown Flying School

If you're in Terre Haute getting a college degree, we have some options for you!

The Private Pilot starter package available for $6290 gives you 40 flight hours (30 hours of dual instruction and 10 hours of solo in a Cessna 172) plus 10 hours of ground school. We even include the study books!

[Please note that the figures above are FAA minimum requirements for a Private License. In practice, it generally takes most students more than 30 hours of dual instruction. Therefore, as needed, dual instruction will cost $160 an hour past the starter package. Solo flying costs $120 an hour past the starter package.

You should also consider other expenses such as getting a Third Class Medical exam from an FAA-designated physician, a headset, and fees for taking the flight and written tests, and miscellaneous costs.]

There's a lot of good pilot-licensing information at AOPA and similar sites.

After you earn your your Private License, you may want to continue on to a Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Multi-engine Rating. These ratings allow you to make a career out of flying, for instance in Charter & Freight Operations, Flight Instruction, Crop Dusting, etc.

If you want a flying career with a regional or national airline, a Bachelor's Degree is expected. Whereas the degree could be in any subject, an aviation-related degree is preferable. Airline pilot training is intense and expensive. A college degree helps to demonstrate to the airline that you will be capable of completing their training and education programs.